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Chaos to Calm 2020

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You’ll have everything you need to realize where ~ what areas your life is amazing and where you want to seek improvement.

Before you go there, I’d like to give a very special offer to

“Get Work Done From Home” 5 Module On-Line Program at a HUGE discount.

In the “Get Work Done From Home” 5 Module On-Line Program discover how to productively work from home, with more time efficiency so you can be the best parent, spouse, employer.

You can regain control of your work/life balance.

Did you know it is possible to work from home with focus and control,

improving your productivity by applying these simple Feng Shui techniques?


Do you ever wonder why:

  • You have trouble starting and completing a task?
  • You are feeling overwhelmed?
  • You’re experiencing challenges with clients?

Here’s the secret…your perspective, your view, your possession are either sabotaging or supporting you.

Science is now proving what the Ancient Principles of Feng Shui have taught for thousands of years.

Let me explain: your environment is influencing your decisions and training your thought patterns whether you are aware of it or not.

Being in a place of frustration, can lead to a loss of self confidence, increased stress, feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness, even feelings of wanting to give up or quit!

Clutter in our environment can lead to guilt and embarrassment.

The big question on my client’s minds is…how can I create a space where I want to work, where I can be focused and in control?

Many clients come to me frustrated and annoyed with the new distractions they are facing while working from home. Some have had to move their office home and are now faced with all kinds of changes to their work / life routine.

I’ve been working from home for years, with all the distractions most are facing now; I realized that as a Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner, I have solutions to help you take back control.

What I assumed was common knowledge, turns out, isn’t so common.

I want to share my innate organizing abilities and experience in Feng Shui with you.

Now, you can productively work from home, in less time with ease and confidence. Turn that “To Do” list to a “Done” list!

Inside the “Get Work Done From Home”
on-line program, you’ll find 5 Modules, with
in-depth video training lessons along with business objectives and PDF’s.

Here’s What You Will Receive In
“Get Work Done From Home”:

Regain Control, Focus & Productivity

What you will discover:

Click on the Module tabs

Module 1 ~ Subtle Influence, Profound Impact

  • Overview of the Program
  • Why Implement Feng Shui for the Home Office
  • Bagua Map and How to Use

Module 2 ~ Your “STUFF”, Sabotaging or Supporting?

  • What’s Your “Stuff” Saying?
  • Why We Hold On To “STUFF”
  • The Affect of Clutter ~ Clutter Clearing 101
  • Personalize, Inspire, Create (why photos of your children may not be helpful in your office)

Module 3 ~ Your Files – Your Way

  • Designing and Setting Up Your Filing System
  • Electronic Files
  • Backup and Tax’s

Module 4 ~ the POWER Position

  • Optimal Furniture Placement
  • The Power Position
  • Visual Stimulation

Module 5 ~ Get Your Feng On

  • The Files at Your Desk
  • Working From the Kitchen Table
  • Your Best Time to Work

These are surprises!

If you are ready to give up frustrating days of accomplishing nothing… then click the button below to register for the next “Get Work Done From Home”
5 Module On-Line Program, today.

You can begin to take back control of your work/life balance or you can continue to feel frustrated and angry at yourself for not completing any work again.

There is a cost of Inaction:

  • Loss of income as a result of decreased productivity
  • Poor Health as a result of increased stress and anxiety
  • Frustration and Guilt because you’re not spending time with family and friends

“Get Work Done From Home” 5 Module On-Line Program

Chaos to Calm 2020


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